1. whyme1973 says:

    #3 #18 Damn you military women are hot.

  2. Stl cards says:

    Damn HR you'll need to turn your heads sometimes!!!

  3. guest says:

    Much love for the Jimmy V foundation for cancer research. "Don't give up. Don't ever give up!"

  4. Dennis says:

    #6 What happened? Indians?

    • Sweets says:

      Saw the video from this incident……robbery suspect, passenger in vehicle opened up with rifle fire at the squad….happened in 2004 in Texas crazy

  5. Guest says:

    #21 Um.., Ed, thats a New Zealand Department of Conservation worker most likely carrying birds in boxes to be relocated are released to predator free islands around NZ. With transport provided courteousy of a Royal New Zealand Air Force Huey (they are good like that).
    Love ur work tho.

  6. saint says:

    #3, #18 i hope these women are close to Camp Pendleton.

  7. saint says:

    i say find #3 so she can boost morale to a whole nother level

    • Alfonso says:

      June 8, 2011Terima kasih, Fatin. Banner exchange tu means, you have to put blegogr’s punya banner on your blog instead of link (url) itself. Kalau ada banner yang menarik, berkemungkinan ramai yang akan click on it. Saya lebih suka begitu rather than link’ exchange.

  8. MarissaAD says:

    #12 Amazing picture

  9. Ishy says:

    I am a user of Photoshop Elements. I downgraded from Photoshop CS(x) as I no logner needed such a powerful program. Adobe Elements offers all of the features that most home users want or need. I have given it four stars instead of five because I think the Help component is lacking. As to the other reviewer who gave this program 1 star, I have to point out that Adobe Photoshop Elements is NOT movie editing software. It is photo editing software. Perhaps she was referring to Adobe Premiere Elements, which is a movie editing software application.

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