1. etcrr says:

    Good Pics, Thank You for your Service

  2. whyme1973 says:

    There are times that I see pictures like this and start to miss being out on the ship. Then I remember that it was not all hanging with your buds and having a good time. There's a reason they call sea duty arduous. Kudos to you guys and thank you for your service.

    Also, #18 #31 would have been very welcome distractions out there.

  3. Judson Harpel says:

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  4. Nora says:

    Great reminder of a sunny happy visit to Spain. We three eenjyod our Winter sunshine break and feel as though it was longer. Thank you for sharing your energy so widely Gill and Dave. Hugs from the Aussies.

  5. Wilber says:

    Liberals aren’t the enemy, they keep the crazy conservatives in check. Lets face it, its a netsseicy. We invaded Iraq for good reason, maybe we didn’t find WMD’s but I can certainly guarantee you that they were attempting to make them. Lets face it, its better to nip this in the bud. These crazy mofo’s are filled with pure HATE, a hate that you probably have never encountered in your entire life, its a hate that cannot be reasoned with.

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