1. TheIlluxion says:

    I hate to say it, but curious to the see the house.. I reckon it'd be a double wide. How many things wrong with 'merica in one post can we have? I'll all for bearing arms, I have 3, very large, gun safes ranging from a 4ga prostate ripper to my wife's little 380 auto bedside manner. Seeing obvious aluminum sided 4 wheeled dwelling fecal matter with an AR and a pitbull is truly pathetic. Having did my time protecting my country, RM1 SS/DV, seeing images like this make me want to re-up in the national guard……

    • Toe Jam G.I. Joe says:

      Well aren't you the badass guy here, so fuckin what, She's doing nothing wrong she is a probation officer, not some stupid Redneck, go shoot your doe, buck or whatever, No one cares

    • Dennis says:

      What a dick. No one gives a shit about your life story bro.

      • TheIlluxion says:

        I apologize for being a drunken heartless bastard in critiquing the buttafaced air conditioner shooting redneck.

  2. dan says:

    wow, so hot and she's got a smoking body. I'd like to give her some remedial training though to help her with her stance, and 'other' things

  3. eye#vjj says:

    is it just me or is she choking that dog out

  4. Les_Stroud says:

    Poor rifle shooting form for a LEO.. I'd still let her frisk me though.

  5. whyme1973 says:

    #2 I'm in favor of this uniform.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Remind me not to celebrate Independence Day in Oklahoma if it means sticking my gun any where near my baby making parts. That lady right up there is an idiot. She's super hot but super stupid.

  7. Rand says:

    Awesome pics girl you rock!

  8. west opera says:

    what are some really good plus well known web-sites regarding personal blogs???

  9. Left handed for life says:

    She's a lefty. That's all I gotta say

  10. fully loaded says:

    let me put my pistol in her knickers anytime

  11. cze says:

    LOL piece of trash

  12. MotoJoe says:

    Nice body, but someone teach her how to shoot a rifle properly please😦

  13. Dotson says:

    She needs to learn how to shoot, leaning back like that with her legs extended is the most amateur stance imaginable. Probation officers don't carry guns, and it shows.

  14. Kilroywashere says:

    Nice cheek weld and stance. She's going to hit herself in the face shooting like that.

  15. GDUSNS says:

    give me one day with her and i think she would put all the shit talkers on here to shame… and hey if she can get a probation officer job in socal i would wife her up

  16. Kenneth J Wade says:

    The Blond with her head back is unbelieveable.OMG ! Talk about hot,it doesn`t get any better than that.

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