1. I did some training with the Emirates last December and they were using this. They missed the target by 2km on the first shot. But that was probably more on their artillery know how and not the machine.

  2. whyme1973 says:

    #27 Damn you HR…damn you all to HELL!

    • @ror says:

      tineye or a google reverse image search is your friend.

      http:// i. imgur. com/ tqFbu. jpg <— link broken with spaces to appease the HR madness.

  3. MohawkJon says:

    **** HR..
    Wait… What the ****..
    Is the ******-******* HR censoring my ******* posts?
    Hey, HR, **** YOU!

  4. Lonestar_Sapper says:

    The people of Dustoff are total professionals. Way to go guys and girls!

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  6. Ryan says:

    Are those toris I see spraypainted? Rakkasan all the way!

  7. Voodoo02 says:

    Fuck yeah Charlie Company, Witchdoctor the badest motherfuckers on the block!

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