Iwo Jima and Joe Rosenthal’s famous photo in high-res (30 HQ Photos)

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  1. @Bhess says:

    It's IwO Jima not IwA Jima.

  2. Lmorgan811 says:

    doesnt matter the picture was staged (not taking away from the fact they where there) the flag went up twice the first time under heavyier fire and the flag was small the second time was because some brass wanted the flag and the company commander(or whoever) said fine but that flag wasnt the brasses to take and they replaced the flag with a larger version of the flag which is what you see here

    • TegHardinAlvin says:

      FOR CHRIST SAKE IT WAS NOT A STAGED PHOTO!!! The First flag raised was to small be be seen easily from the rest of the island. A second larger flag was found on an LST and brought up Surabachi. They then coordinated to lower the first flag and raise the second at the exact same time so that there would always be a flag flying over Iwo Jima. Rosenthal actually almost missed the picture as he had his back to it. He turn around when someone made a comment and quickly snapped the picture. The First flag was only requested by the Amphibious commander after it was taken down so that some souvenir hunter didn't get it. It then toured the country and now rest in the USMC museum.

      • mongoose5271 says:

        That's right. James Forrestal (Sec. of the Navy) wanted the original flag as a souvenir which didn't sit well with the CO of the battalion that provided the platoon that raised it. The CO sent his operations officer to find a replacement…and one that could be seen easily on the landing beaches. Rosenthal and two other photographers happened to be climbing Suribachi at the same time and reached the summit just as the Marines were attaching the new flag to the pipe. He did indeed set his camera down and very nearly missed the entire thing. A lot of the "staging" confusion comes from the fact that Rosenthal took a posed photo of the platoon after the flag was raised. A few days later someone asked him if he posed the photo. Rosenthal, thinking the guy was referring to the group shot, replied yes. Why would he stage a photo where none of the guys are facing the camera, or where one of the guys doesn't even have his hands on the flagpole?

  3. chbeers says:

    great post!!

  4. Truth says:

    It's a shame that the guys who actually raised the original flag were all back in combat when this photo was taken.

  5. Mark says:

    i agree but the original flag raisers were noted and have been recognized just not as much. One was "Boot" Thomas who has a park named after him in North Florida where he's from.

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