1. whyme1973 says:

    #21 Cute as all hell! Damn!

  2. Animal says:

    #1 A real American hero, of the sort are losing all too quickly.

    • HarryJamaica says:

      Bob I’m with you. I was chatting with Larry about this same sinearco last November right after the season but unfortunately it seems both RAJ and Charlie want Brown in AAA.Makes no sense to me, with his athleticism, BB%, OBP he should be leading off and playing LF.

  3. Matador says:

    The John C. Stennis just started a 10 month deployment yesterday, with the air wing soon to follow.

  4. matt says:

    i wish the airforce would quit acting like they are in the military.

  5. Kodos says:


  6. Nitro says:

    Lookout! Hardcore pogues inside the wire!
    Every soldier needs to "Koala-fy" at the range their first time out!

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