User submit: F/A-18 ordinance men in Iraq (41 Photos)

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  1. A1C Greggs says:

    Reppin' that small Texas town of Springtown!

  2. whyme1973 says:

    #7 Wouldn't you just be a weekend of sexy, flexible fun?

  3. navyordie says:

    If You Aint Ordnance You Aint Shit…just spell Ordnance correctly next time

  4. Big Frankie says:

    Getting on board with navyordie — an ordinance is a local law; ordnance is shit that blows up. IYAAYAS!!
    Go Air Force, beat Michigan!!!!

  5. iyaoyas7 says:

    ya i felt like shit when i could even spell it right. i think i was drinking a little to much IYAOYAS.

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