Amazing photos and story of Marine battling from photographer Geoffrey Ingersoll (30 photos)

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  1. Csubi says:

    Phenomenal!! Thank You for sharing. Thank you to the soldiers.

  2. Hooah says:

    That was nicely done

  3. HobbesLeviathan says:

    Great story.

    FWIW, that 'tunnel system' was probably an entrance to what's called a 'karez.' They're basically underground aqueducts to bring water from the mountains down to the farmland in the valleys. From the air, you can see lines of those access holes going across the desert.

    And fighters have used them to move, hide, etc. The mujahadeen used them in the 80s (prompting a deliberate campaign to destroy them by the Soviets) and the Taliban use them now.

  4. drew says:


  5. Ken says:

    If only politicians had half the courage these brave men have this country wouldn't be in the mess we're in.

  6. halkyrie says:

    Amazing post. Thanks to all of you.

  7. killfordoe says:

    Awesome photo spread,,,I feel for the guys over there,, I mean who gives a shit about Afghanistan or Iraq,, let the fuckers kill each other,,,then send in a fleet of B-1'S and B-52'S AND LEVEL THE WHOLE MIDDLE EAST.

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