Gotta love the classics: WWII propaganda posters (73 Photos)

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  1. rogelio says:

    #72 lmao

  2. Tommy Maddox says:

    Bravo Allies!

  3. Iceman2509 says:

    #34 and #39
    I have both of these posters and eventually I want to get them framed. I love the WWII propaganda posters.

  4. Kodos says:

    Never apologize… you have to hate them if you really want to defeat them.

    Why no a couple of modern posters today with… oh say, a burning WTC.

    "There is no substitute for victory." – Gen. Douglas MacArthur

  5. johnq says:

    some of those are extremely racists……we dont make posters now saying "hey towelheaded cave dweller, we are coming for you"…..and they must have had a huge problem with the common person knowing alot about troop movements and stuff to say "If you talk, this guy dies"

  6. Todd says:

    #29, FYI is a poster for the fascist, Nazi collaborating Popular Party of France. So, the bad guys.

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    Photos of classic WWII propaganda posters : theBRIGADE

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