Simple but funny as h#ll…Chive KCCO on SEAL Team 6’s truck (one quick story)

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  1. guest says:

    Not true, but still cool anyway.

  2. leamonman says:

    cool<img src="; width="1" height="1" />

  3. Greg Capers says:

    Umm, so not true..but people believe everything on the net

  4. TACPness says:

    looks like security forces……..nice try nerds get a real job

  5. Thatguy says:

    WOG got confused because she saw the vehicle come in from outside the wire most likely…

  6. YEMX says:

    I didn't see one gun mount on that truck and only a shot finder. They are not team 6 sorry.

  7. Mike says:

    Seal team 6 was disbanded a while ago… They are known as devgru these days and if you find one that admits it other than the patch, let me know. Another point, any time I've seen a team member they wear jump boots. As was mentioned those look like security force with boomerang in the back.

  8. Mark says:

    If you believe that was owned by SEAL Team 6, I have a Chrysler LeBaron once owned by Jon Voight I would like to sell you…

  9. d bowe says:

    Nice IOTVs guys. Is that the new DEVGRU issue? The shemagh almost fooled me… You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Stop wasting federal funds and get back to whatever irrelevant job you have which I'm sure is tier 1.

    • Will Turman says:

      so they cant have any fun while there over there fighting for our country while you sit over here on your fat ass lookin for stuff to bitch ab on the internet

      • John says:

        Define in what way they are "Fighting for (your) country" ?

      • TACPness says:

        Hey guy. I'm over here too. The people in the photos are retarded, so yes the hate will ensue. Can't you tell that most people replying in this thread are affiliated with the military in some way, hince "theBrigade." We try to weed out the dumbasses in the military but as you can see from the photos, some slip through the cracks and land in security forces. Thank you, come again.

  10. 101st_airborne says:

    These were taken in Bagram, Afghanistan…This is just a place full of overpaid contractors and fast food joints. Its more of a vacation there than anything else. Seal Teams and Special Forces only use this place to hop on the Birds to get to J-Bad or an Outpost in Afghanistan. Never would they be walking around base there or driving a Truck around.

  11. Deployed says:

    Don't know who that girl is and don't know her story. She's out of line. None of the guys in those pictures made any claims. When we got to the base our unit was using that truck to get tools and materiel to job sites each day. That's all. We are fans of the Chive and appreciate very much the overwhelming support they show all of us in the military. We KCCOed the truck, took the picture and made The Chive. If people don't know the story, they really shouldn't post or comment.
    To all the Chivers and Chivettes out there, thank you for all your support.

  12. not seal team six says:

    How you know this isnt "6"
    First of "six" doesn't exhist
    Beards – Nope
    Haircuts – too moto
    ACUs – DEVGRU wouldnt wear em – maybe CRY's
    Weapons – nope
    shall i continue?

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