1. Tim says:

    hmph…go russia? tech is cool, but to someone that actually served, stuff like sucks mighty donkey cock on a US hosted server…

    • heck says:

      wat?you act like its cold war or something

    • Vladimr says:

      Really? So you know everything there is to know about Russian Military capabilities? Based on what? Cheaply made export tanks you fought in Iraq? Or or American video games? Which one brainwashed you the most. I'm willing to bet that it was the video games.

  2. whyme1973 says:

    #20 #33 I'd share some vodka with them.

  3. TK-421 says:

    Wow, more pictures of long hard things full of seamen, and yes, #20 and #33 are no exceptions…

  4. Yuri says:

    Be proud comrade! We show Americans!

    Be careful comrade! American girl try to seduce us! I go first…….

  5. Ivan says:

    #15 I was wondering if there would be a photo or two from it's visit to San Fransisco.

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