1. whyme1973 says:

    #4 I'm in love! Damn you are fine.

  2. Kodos says:

    Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders with automatic weapons…


  3. Lonestar_Sapper says:

    #19 Anyonw know what the story is behind this picture?

    • Rotorhead says:

      The picture was taken at Gunsite Academy. They had that picture on their facebook for a while but i think they have taken it down since it went viral, im not sure. I believe it was from a veterans or disabled veterans rifle class. Anyone who has been there will recognize those targets in the background.

  4. Jack says:

    A video by some Navy SEALs Obama is trying to bury.

  5. c_sautter says:

    #8- I used to be in VRC-30, hated it while I was there then realized how good I had it once I left.

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