Step away from politics and Thank those helping victims of Sandy (187 Photos)

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  1. kmotamed says:

    #3, awe-inspiring!

  2. iffikas says:

    Surfers have a quite dissapointed face there.

  3. Dameson says:

    These first responders represent the best of the human spirit.

  4. dacky2 says:

    #9, #44, #65, #113, #130
    Interesting to see that when things get really nasty and desperate then old Dodge Powerwagons suddenly make a comeback.

  5. tommer says:

    I can tell from the skyline alone that #27 is Chicago. Helps to have the Chicago saw horse as well. Such a crazy scene.

  6. IzzyVic says:

    Hopefully this is will be me once day when i get out of the air force. Nothing better than saving another life.

  7. SOhioChiver says:

    Thanks to all of the National Guard, Police, Firemen, and EMS crews out there. We appreciate your dedication.

  8. BigtotheD says:

    #55 #56 All heroes except this f-n moron.

    • Jack says:

      Whattaya mean I can't do childish shit in the middle of a disaster of epic proportions while hundreds of thousands lose everything and people are dying? Ain't this America?

      • BigtotheD says:

        Sure thing, put our Firefighters and Police at risk so you can ride a wave or do something stupid. Feel free, you are correct, this is America.

    • yep says:

      Give them a break. Its their way of coping with all this shit.
      Obviously you don't surf or you might understand their reasons behind this.
      Good on you boys for finding a silver lining in this shit storm.

  9. BigSchem says:

    Seeing these pictures makes me want to help and volunteer out East…and have KCCO showing at all times =)

  10. Tiber_Septim says:

    #85 #86 #87 Breezy point Queens NY over 100 homes burned to the ground and a lot of them owned by retired first responders police/fireman. Over 200 firefighters battled the 6-alarm blaze. No one died amazing God Bless them all

  11. ThatGuy says:

    187 photos? Jesus. That's too much for any gallery.

  12. VT Surf-N-Turf says:

    As a former resident of NYC my heart goes out to everyone effected by the storm.
    Kudos to all the First Responders, S&R, and Clean Up crews.
    P.S. – Sandy can blow me!

  13. Leigh says:

    Thank you for all of the photos – Bless all the first responders/military -et al/et aliae😉 Stay safe out there!
    #146 What a beast!

  14. gs425 says:

    Find #64

  15. bears85 says:

    # 66 : mind the gap!

  16. IrishGal says:

    God bless them for all they are doing up there. My cousin is a cop up in New York city, and I know they have been working their asses off! KCCO to all of the first responders!

  17. Sara says:

    All my family lives in NJ/NY – while i live in CA. My heart goes out to all affected by Sandy. But while talking to my mom, she informed me Halloween has been cancelled for several towns! So many kids look forward to dressing up in their costumes- living out their childhood fantasy for one day- trick or treating, and getting all kinds of loot! But not this year – some aren't even in their homes. Can we do something? Is there a way to get them some halloween fun in the midst of this natural disaster?

  18. SmokeyTheBear says:

    #7 Thank you to all who are putting other first. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed.

  19. dan says:

    I liked the sign someone spray painted on their store: "You loot we shoot."

  20. Annelise says:

    #2 My town, Lindenhurst, NY !!! Amazing service and commitment by our local firefighters during Sandy! Thank you for putting out car and house fires and wading through chest-high waters to help my neighborhood. Truly grateful for your service!

  21. Jude says:

    Don't put aside politics, because Romney wants to cut $500m from FEMA on day one, meaning this level of cleanup between states and jurisdictions won't be nearly as possible in the future.

  22. laura says:

    NYC chivette here, so much thanks to everyone helping out, it's not gonna be easy to get back to normal but with all the support and dedicated police and firefighters we'll get there!! KCCO

  23. Canucks_Rule says:

    #7 #60 #93 – i salute all of them. and then u got douches like amarie stoudemire posting pix of his range in a flooded garage. but ppl that don't have millions of dollars have lost their homes. whatta douche.

  24. kvalberg says:

    Incredible pics. Thanks for sharing. I just hope more will help volunteer and get actively involved when we have disasters happen like this.

  25. Katie says:

    Never been prouder to be a part of this AMAZING family of heroes!!!! Stay safe, shoot straight and go home at the end of your tour!

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