1. whyme1973 says:

    #3 That is a great ass!
    #4 I hate HR.

  2. The Entertainer says:

    #2MMMmmmm Hmmm
    #3 Juicy
    #5Sexy Firm
    #6 Nice

  3. SoFLRider says:

    #4 I hate HR, probably missing some top notch cinna ring in that pic

  4. guest says:

    I would pump that ass full of the white stuff.

  5. jdy says:

    indina or latino?

  6. bobsboringblog says:


  7. bill says:

    Hey HR (Holy Rollers) It;s the internet not TV. For future reference the TV is the one without the keyboard

  8. Andy says:

    Email the uncover pic to us troops!

  9. ksc says:

    i bet the black cencosered bar is covering her hairy butthole…middle eastern woman always have hairy buttholes.

  10. scott says:

    thats some straight chair force bullshit, this girl is hot dont get me wrong, but if she is an airmen and not just wearing her boyfriends uniform then that shit is trashy as hell, have some sort of military bearing and take the damn uniform off before you do some shit like this, have some respect for every other woman who has fought to get the respect she deserves while wearing that uniform. I'm in the army and all too often I see how women get looked down upon in the military and shit like this does not help your cause

    • scott says:

      go eat some military dick fag.

      • Teke257 says:

        I kind of have to agree with the OP. While she is very hot, but she could get serious trouble for picture like those. Plus if she is a NCO she should know better. Now if that is her bf uniform that is a completely different topic.

  11. tml says:

    I am in the US Air Force and i agree. Have some respect.

  12. Jessie says:

    She is not military, she is in her Man's uniform (Title-my girl in MY uniform). Not only that, the uniform is too big on her, no one would have let her wear a baggy blues shirt like that, it looks like shit. But thanks for looking out for the female military member's reputation to those of you getting ripped on:-)

    On a side note, she is beautiful, but yeah. . . don't disrespect the uniform.

    A Sister in Arms

  13. Jim says:

    She is not really hot at all, she not bad, but def. nothing special…

  14. SOhioChiver says:

    Damn it! Show me that beaver! #4

  15. 11B1P says:

    Looks like an ex of mine…hmmmmm. She was fun.

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