Whether you saw my post at the beginning of the month or not, I’ve recently moved from theChive HQ in Venice beach to a small, awesome place called Nashville. Moving is a freakin’ nightmare. Renters insurance, car insurance, DMV (that’s always a party) so on. Anyways, hopefully the posts over the last few weeks have been ok but more important…I am way f-ing behind on my e-mails from user submits. Literally, I haven’t got to e-mails from back at the start of October. Anyways, I’m hoping to get back on track over the next few days. I’ve said this on the site before but I do mean it when I say, “this site is nothing with out the user submits”. If you’ve sent in photos but haven’t seen them, I will get to them (my apologies if they were time sensitive). Also, if you have photos or ideas for future posts, send ’em and I’ll post them for sure.
Thanks everyone who has been a part of the site