1. whyme1973 says:

    #10 Dry dock is always a mess.
    #15 Damn you have a smokin body! Please send more!
    #36 Wanna meet in the store room?

  2. Central-Scrutinizer says:

    #15 Stunning!

  3. Tim says:

    #1 isn't a HALO jump if it's 13,000, typical civi "skydiving" jumps are 12k-18k' AGL… don't even need O2 until 14k(above 14k feet you must have pressurized cabin or supplemental mask) and even jumping at 18k you don't need supplemental 02 so long as you had it on the ride up.

    I appreciate the jump pic, but loathe people making me put on my waders.

    • RQS Crew says:

      Hey, just so you know: USAF regs state that anything above 3K AGL is called HALO. Plus drops above a certain level the aircrew (who this guy is a part of) is required to be on O2 to prevent hypoxia. What is messed up about this pic is this aircrew member (prob the Loadmaster) unbuckled his chest strap on his harness or parachute to show off their KCCO, way to be safe asshole. Plus he stole my idea so double fuck you, you AMC puke!

  4. The Stig says:

    #15 If the Chive can get me in contact with you and/or you see this and respond I'll send you my sand KCCO shirt. It's supposed to arrive in a day or two. It's a men's medium, so not sure if it'll fit – but more than happy to send it either way.

    • The Stig says:

      Brigade – I sent you an email. Just trying to get a military chivette her KCCO.

    • _The_Stig_ says:

      Brigade – My military KCCO shirt arrived today. My offer still stands to send it to the Chivette in #15. Just need someone to help me get in touch with her.

  5. milo6469 says:

    #17 Portland, Oregon?

  6. Sean says:

    39.. THERE WE GO BRO

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