User submit: a heroic IED story from a medic about Canger Jean IED (Story)

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  1. Mmac says:

    Just another soldier doing what he is supposed to do… Taking care of his brothers.

  2. Stock says:

    Im in that platoon! Cant wait to get back and see Jean!

  3. Jack Spectre says:

    So, the truck was in midair and this guy was saving his buddies?


  4. Wisti says:

    Our soldiers are fucking incredible.

  5. halkyrie says:

    KCCO guys! Glad to see he's on the road to recovery.

  6. jokerz4fun says:

    Get well soon and thank you for everything you do to keep this country safe!!

  7. doc hartman says:

    thank you for posting this for jean! he is such a big part of our platoon and we all cant wait to get back and see him!

  8. lost in time says:

    i'm a combat veteran, two tours in viet nam. 90% disabled as a result. i have 2 sons, both disabled due to their military service. please understand, i mean no malice towards our incredibly brave fighting people, trying to preserve our way of like. heros are defined by their actions. the fucks who keep putting generation after generation in harms way have made victims out of 1000's of our youth. the carnage, maiming, mangled remains of too many mother sons is so common place we have become numb to the damage done. let them stay home and live to define noble ambitions to the next generation, with all their body parts intact.

  9. ksc says:

    there are thousands of stories like this, we just never get to hear any of them. Shit like this gives you goose bumps and makes your life seem meaningless.

    Thanks for your service guys and ladies, every single fucking one of ya!

  10. .Krookz says:

    Here's to a speedy recovery. KCCO

  11. Peter Morak says:

    <img src=""/>He did his part for the country, let's hope his country will do its part for the brother. <img src=""/&gt;

  12. Schm0ss says:

    Godspeed buddy! KCCO.

  13. @TXStrat says:

    We Pierce, from a fellow former Desert Rogue (B/1-64 AR). Best wishes for quick, and full recovery brother.

  14. Delta Dragon says:

    I hope for the best and a speedy recovery Jean!

  15. Ina says:


  16. @jolange2 says:

    You all are amazing! KCCO!

  17. Niebz says:

    That's my unit for ya!! Your the shit Jean

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