1. el_Rod1986 says:

    #44 Please turn around… I can tell the back is even better than the beautiful front… hope she's saving that for next weeks hump day

  2. jeff says:

    #36 #58 Beautiful THANKS for sharing❤

  3. kmac says:

    #44 is the best

  4. Berry says:

    #39 is a young gabrielle union

  5. P90 says:

    1 4 7 11 23 32 49 59 Great post.

  6. RED says:

    #1 and #45 Tiffani and Shawn…GREAT and MOAR…

  7. teight says:

    who and where is #35, I'm thinking of selling everything I own, then taking her out for a night

  8. citiboy008 says:

    #16 Those legs wrapped around my head.

  9. jt1120 says:

    #26 – Now THAT is some azz!

  10. Telephone Man says:

    #45 Shawn Johnson, Olympic gymnast. Looks like a fun girl to be around.

  11. kmotamed says:

    #10 and #11, best 1-2 punch!

  12. BobBX542 says:

    #61…I love me some Kapowski

  13. zgl says:

    #49 – one of the most erotic pix ever without being explicitly lewd…love it! #52 – damn cute! love the panties just barely showing.

  14. Jayavc says:

    #19 #35 #60 God I love see through clothing

  15. Mr.T says:

    #12 is gross. She looks 12. No me gusta.

  16. Rusty_Dreams says:

    Love her… #11

    Want to love #15 and #51

  17. -M@- says:

    #1 #61 I think it's too bad her middle name isn't spelled Imber…

  18. phogie says:

    for the love of all things holy and pure I nee MOAR of #36

  19. Mike says:

    Ha. 14 is my girlfriend.

  20. Banner Man says:

    We need names so we can Google for "informational" purposes

  21. Canucks_Rule says:

    #58 – most covered up, but still the hottest girl in the thread imo.

    bc chivers/chivettes – http://twitter.com/KCCOVancity

  22. DWolf says:

    #49 I'd be licking myself if I were her as well.

  23. DWolf says:

    #4 I think is "Little Caprice" perhaps? porn star.

  24. Donovan says:

    #11-Minka Kelly;#45-Shawn Johnson, Olympic gymnast. You're welcome.

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