Behind the scenes with girls of 2013 Hot Shots Calendar (46 Photos)

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  1. lost in time says:

    nice try. doesn't make the trip

  2. whyme1973 says:

    #3 #4 #10 #12 #45 I'd have them on my Zombie Apocalypse squad.

  3. Killau2 says:

    A lot of duck and fish face in this post!!!!

  4. guest says:

    Where do I get this calendar?

  5. Bunny says:

    India Reynolds has the best natural boobs!!!

  6. Nick says:

    If only American foreign policy was so pleasant..

  7. slip says:

    eh… not so hot. #18 no duckface please!

  8. LostBroncoFan says:

    great post thanks

  9. tigerraider says:

    God Bless America

  10. jeremy says:

    #2 dat ass

  11. Don says:

    #1 The cutie in the middle, “Booger hook off the bang switch darlin, gun safety is for everyone” To all the rest of the women in this spread, KCCO and thank you for practicing gun safety

  12. ........ says:

    #17 Haha, nice derp face!!

  13. Yanger says:

    Content published contains original photos, awesomeness, heroes, rumors, nicotine, speculation, explosions, beautiful girls, funny pictures, assumptions, opinions, ugly people, and factual information. Postings may contain erroneous or inaccurate information. theBRIGADE would be nothing without you, our loyal civilians, soldiers and veterans. Thank you.

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