1. freddy boy says:

    Had a friend in high school who was the only male cheerleader. Now I know why he was ALWAYS smiling. #103

  2. BobBX542 says:

    Too…Many…Pictures…of…smoking…hot…cheerleaders. After careful consideration, I have picked #54, #73, #111 as the hottest of the hottest. Congratulations ladies, come see me for your prize.

  3. dan005 says:

    Oregon state…my god…There is something in the water up there because they dont have a single ugly cheerleader. I mean, the least attractive Oregon state cheerleader is better looking than the best looking cheerleader at 95% of all other colleges.

    Number 52 does it for me…

  4. Moving says:

    I had no idea… My next assignment is in Oregon. I wasn't looking forward to it… Wasn't

  5. Spiny says:

    Show me your "O" face,,, Oh..Ohhh…Ohhhh

  6. Dbo says:

    Being a native oregonian, im damn proud… Also a Duck fan!! #22 moar plzz

  7. Jeff says:

    No huddle no mercy. I love the Ducks, and Puddles and if you want more of their cheerleaders, check out their Gangnam Style Parody

    #68 Will be my wife one day.

  8. New Ducks Fan says:

    More #97–find her!

  9. John says:

    I think that I like them all….. I can't pick just one!

  10. Canucks_Rule says:

    #73 – jeez, i need to go to oregon state.

  11. LostBroncoFan says:


  12. dart says:

    #49 left side and #12 right side. Who is that? shes so pretty lol.

  13. Kenter says:

    I dunno, maybe she borrowed it from a guy she knows? What is this? Inspection?

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