User submit: Christine makes me want to go to Norway (7 Photos)

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  1. whyme1973 says:

    #1 #5 Very pretty.

  2. dacky2 says:

    First from Norway.

  3. Notme says:

    #6 Now Kiss

  4. Norwegian says:

    First of all that is some completely wrong information. Military service is mandatory for boys in Norway, girls can volouneter to join up. The mandatory service time is 1 year. And you don't need to be disabled to get away from it, you can say you are a passifist and serve civil duties instead.

    But you are right about the girls, thei are kinda hot!

  5. Norwegian says:

    It's just for one year – and girl don't have to do it. But more and more choose to do it.

    And most girls from norway looks like this😉

  6. Chad says:

    #3 #4 Let's see your target groups! ?

  7. Hank442 says:

    Ummmm….how `bout more!

  8. DickPearson1 says:

    I surrender!

  9. Schmidt says:

    I'm at full attention!

  10. Norwegian says:

    What does the name tag say? Gagen?

  11. 4everDistracted says:

    Nice trigger discipline #3

  12. emailhobo says:

    Would bang but not worthy of it's on page.

  13. Stinky Dog says:

    ra*e st**k!

  14. SOhioChiver says:

    Wouldn't mind being stuck in a foxhole with her! #2

  15. Clutch says:

    Norway Here I come!

  16. rikooprate says:

    Sweet Jebus!

  17. lsullivan says:

    I spent two weeks in Norway on their Rygge base. The whole experience was awesome. But after a few days we learned it is easier to just count ugly chicks. The Norwegian people are awesome.

  18. gman0821 says:

    #6 I am liking where this is headed !!

  19. Danny says:

    literally scrolled down to #2 and immediately blurted 'Holy Crap!". Must have MOAR!

  20. Danny says:

    Top New Year's Resolution for 2013

    Invade Norway.

    Curious to see how they treat POWs:)

  21. kasnicov says:

    proud to be Norwegian! Btw all our girls look like this😉

  22. FuBaR says:

    im moving to Norway and joining the army, whose coming with me?

  23. Macro says:

    This must be why Norway is such a military superpower </sarcasm>

  24. Canucks_Rule says:

    #2 – damn norway.

  25. freddy boy says:

    #3 This woman, and apparently most of the country, are fabulous and, as a vet, I really appreciate what women vets do. Just a word of caution for the American women who WANT to go into combat. It's not glorious; it can ruin your life. Combat and military service are two very different things.

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