1. Canucks_Rule says:

    #2 – those shorts are the reason i watch women's volleyball.

  2. WILLI says:

    #28. Who is this?! We need MOAR

  3. Crazy4Canz says:

    yowsah!… full array of talent… outstanding in it's depth & breadth

  4. UncleRoast says:

    #34 WOW!!!

  5. bigNAWTY says:

    #28 #59 who are they

  6. pmills says:

    Incredibly cute!

  7. Zaedrus says:

    #26 I got lost in those eyes.

  8. majorfathead says:

    I see no bad ideas here, but scrolling by #47 was kinda trippy with the effect of the balconies and my jerky scroll wheel

  9. SLy_C says:

    This post trumps the SC all day!

  10. FunKiller says:

    I was looking for something to do this weekend. I think anyone of these would work just fine.

  11. bigjohn says:

    #34 FOR THE WIN! We need to know who she is! I want to google search her…and I mean that in more than one way!

  12. freddy boy says:

    #17 #32 Rick, it's now well established you are the devil. Only one question; will you accept tithes and offerings for your cause?

  13. RealZoo says:

    #14 #25 #51 Oh yeah!!!

  14. john says:

    who is #28 ?

  15. SnoopDiggity says:

    #34 #59 #61

    Merry Christmas to me!

  16. Brett Hall says:

    #34 #38 YES PLEASE!

  17. Hugh G Rection says:

    #15 FTW

  18. ligerfan says:

    Lots of gorgeous women, some cool pics, and #12 LUCHA!

  19. clay says:

    Anyone know who this is?

  20. gohabscr@hotmail.vom says:


  21. jeff says:

    #1 #15 GORGEOUS Thanks for sharing❤

  22. teight says:

    pretty sure they should copy #53 's body to make every sex doll

  23. antwerp1880 says:

    These ideas aren't bad at all.
    #2 is actually a very good idea

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