Grab a stick and let’s play some hockey (125 Photos)

53 0 0


  1. voonoo says:

    now you guys are trolling on us not having a season

  2. UtahChiver says:

    1 Red Wings girl in the whole slew??…. I'm Disappointed

  3. gre says:

    #15 i love you

  4. Mark_Chris_Top5 says:

    Mark and Chris' Top5:

    #112, #102, #95, #90, #57, #26, #22, #86, #89, #88

    #57 Needs no explanation😀

  5. pixelogre says:

    #18 They are all like.. "please date me, please date me"
    #23 don't care for the team, but damn thats hot

  6. Michelle says:

    This post got me unnecessarily excited for a second… I thought hockey was back.

  7. nick828 says:

    12 Isles ice girls? This is the happiest I've ever been as an Islanders fan…

  8. Kevrhutch says:

    Wanta Puck?

  9. Alex says:

    #72 is on my christmas list.

  10. NeedleFapper says:

    My better judgement said, "there is no way there are 125 photos when I click this link." Good thing I Do What I Want!

  11. JIMBO says:

    Go Leafs Go

  12. Encrazed says:

    #41 #71 #88 #123 #124


  13. sjsharks2020 says:

    If this isn't reason enough to end the lockout all on its own, I don't know what is. Someone get Gary Bettman a lapdance and a hand J and let's get this fuckin show on the road.

  14. K-1 says:

    #15: There should be a league like this… Especially with no NHL to watch.
    #23: BEST!

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