2012 Best photos of the Day: part 1 (59 Photos)

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  1. SoMoFireGuy says:

    Awesome post!

  2. whyme1973 says:

    Terrific message at the end. As former military, I look around the civilian world and see too many that are not willing to start at the bottom and work their way up. Too much entitlement mentality out here and not enough willingness to earn what you want.

  3. Grateful says:

    Thanks Mr. Godfrey

  4. 92A20 says:

    I have to comment about the last photo. Everybody in the military have their own jobs. Some even sometimes have 2 or 3 different jobs and a million tasks to do. People who finally become staff NCO's/senior NCO's or CPO's who remain dedicated with their jobs like they used to are the ones who drive the U.S. military to what it is and to what it has become. But, the ones who say, "Been there, done that," or "Do as I say, not as I do," are the ones ruining it for everyone else. So, a mighty "Hooah" to all my brothers and sisters in the service whose motto is, "Do as I do!"

  5. struva says:

    понравились фото, сразу видно человек в фотосьемке разбирается, ну а сами фото просто прелесть.

  6. John says:

    #10 The awesomeness mildly ruined by the wrongly spelled Apocalypse.

  7. Jezza67 says:

    No photo in particular. Pictures of men and women doing their duty without thought of reward or fame humbles people like me , and should remind us all to consider what the word "hero" really means. Football players and actors aren't heroes, nor are Oprah or Gretzky (Edmonton forgive me). To paraphrase the Duke, the heroes are those who face their fears every day but saddle up anyway.

    Great post.

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