1. Waterdog says:

    #41 very beautiful. We need Moar

  2. Timbo_Slice says:

    Majority of these photos are of POGs. A Brigade is made up of mostly Grunts with Combat Arms support elements. Lets get more photos are war-fighters and not support tools taking cool guy pics that never leave the FOB. #37 is a perfect example. Come on dude you have an M16A2, you're not fooling anybody supply clerk.

    • jshiver15 says:

      Or you could just quit being a tool and STFU.

      • Timbo_Slice says:


        • jshiver15 says:

          I love how you seem to think that because he's a "POG" (as you so eloquently stated) that he doesn't deserve or need any KCCO in his life. As far as you know, he could be someone who actually leaves the FOB on a daily basis. For all you know he could have kids and a wife at home and the Chive is one of the simple joys in his life that keeps his mind and spirit clear.

          So again, quit being a tool and STFU. Assclown.

  3. whyme1973 says:

    #7 Dammit! Now I need one!
    #41 Very pretty. Definitely more please.

  4. Real Apache Pilot says:

    #45 Just wait until he gets his first unt and they see these pictures of him at flight school.

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