1. SOhioChiver says:

    #3 #28 #57 #16 #28 Chive please get me their numbers so I can plan my next fishing trip!

  2. KeepinCalm says:

    #3 Damn! #49 Fished all my life – fresh and saltwater – never seen a fish like the one on the left

  3. FSU says:

    most of these are cover girls from Gaff magazine and went to FSU

  4. georgy says:

    All I was thinking going through this was where are these girls when I go fishing??? everytime I go nothing but a bunch of fat old dudes on a boat that smell like ass cheese…

  5. Tommy Boy says:

    Quit playing with your Dingy!

  6. John says:

    Congrats #15 – you are a work of art

  7. justin says:

    #63 I donr see any fish, but i would like to see her Beaver.

  8. Jesus Christ says:

    #5 #19 #62 MTG

  9. DJ Davis says:

    #2 #41 #45 #63

  10. sgtrock says:

    Oh, please! These girls can't hold a candle to a Midwesterner like Laura Schara! :-)

  11. chivester says:

    #5 #25 #73 #80 no life jackets required

  12. freddy boy says:

    #28 These things have razor sharp teeth, can swim 30 mph and will kill you if you're not careful. And that's just the chick.

  13. lfsg says:

    Please do not post pictures of people killing hammerhead sharks: as of 2008, the scalloped hammerhead is on the "globally endangered" species list.

  14. Kevrhutch says:

    Great, now that shark is going to smell like fish

  15. hendersonharry says:

    how the hell are there this many pictures in this post?

  16. pannychous says:

    It looks like #7 has a gaping hole for a belly button.

  17. hehe says:

    #13 had quite the nip slip

  18. OMGImOld says:

    Must be old, I was more fascinated by the fish

  19. p_spot! says:

    you'll find better photos on cap'n stabbin

  20. that guy says:

    this page should be called "Bitches with fishes"

  21. […] those into fishing… …how many fish species can you identify: Photos of hot girls fishing : theBRIGADE Cheers Ray __________________ White 2008 CRD Auto plus a few bits. #29 Nothing but Patrols […]

  22. pwn says:

    Just wondeing what kind of matterial is used for #3

  23. CincyGuy says:

    #2 DAMN!

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