Daily Afternoon Randomness for MLK (79 Photos)

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There’s a reason it’s one of the greatest speeches in America’s history
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  1. ... says:

    #62 Fix your sh!t!!.

    • Private Snuffy says:

      She must be higher than a giraffe's vagina if she thinks she is within 100 miles of being squared away!

    • Shane says:

      She's probably not really a soldier. I use to be a recruiter and they didn't always use soldiers for magazine shoots. The sad part is that they don't always verify that haircuts are in reg or that uniforms are squared away.

  2. F4 Phan says:

    Chappy James

  3. Alex says:

    I'm ALL for equality, but I just want to point out the idea that taking note of our differences is what makes them our differences. Keeping the thought of separateness in our minds is what continues that violent thought. That being said, cheers to the progress being made towards equality and KCCO!

  4. Leroy says:

    Happy Racism day.

  5. Freedomatlast says:

    #7 #54
    French, yes we are part of your history, you're welcome for the freedom (and we thank you for our freedom in 1945)

  6. Bob25 says:

    Fuck this shit. Just saying.

    • SEA253 says:

      Bro, why dont you lob a few N-bombs while you're at it. Everyone can smell your Racist , bigoted stank a mile away. The Chive is not the place for you.

      • Bob25 says:

        Not your "bro", boy. Your need to define people by the color of their skin disgusts people. Your need to separate and distinguish people based on the color of their skin is a sign of your ignorance. Your misplaced loyalty to to a truth you cannot fully appreciate is the reason hatred burns so brightly.

        • SEA253 says:

          Damn right you're not my bro… as in friend. And just how am I " seperating people by the color of there skin"? When you say that the post is "boring" just tells me you could give a shit about historical events that involve African Americans. So, I'll let you get back to your bunker in Idaho and the gun and ammunition hoarding. Make sure to raise that Confederate flag you own.

          • mhmm says:

            this guys is just full of assumptions isn't he…

          • Noah Lukeman says:

            And the Plot Thickens.

          • TMOTS says:

            wow.. nope.. no racism there right?

            No better nor worse imo.


          • Londborg says:

            Just because someone enjoys the freedom of owning guns and may or may not live in Idaho doesn't mean they are racist. Such assumptions are dangerous. Although good for you calling out the idiot.

          • Travis says:

            Nothing wrong with fucking Idaho. Or collecting guns and ammo. You obviously arent up on current events. Idaho? Why dont you call me a racist because Im from mississippi. You are being pregidous just by assuming people from Idaho are apparantly some kind of hick. Why do you make itabout african americans. It is about a single man with whom Im proud to share my birthday with. Its for what HE fought for. There are many other people who deserve the same respect. And some of them are from Idaho.

      • TiL says:

        ooooh you are more racist then he is, what an interesting turn of events

  7. Martin McFly says:

    Never will any of us know the pride felt to put on the uniform and fight for ones country, and truly for ones freedom like these.

    #8 #47

  8. Skermitt says:

    #61 – Get off your damn cell phone.

    • PankyHams says:

      Exactly what I thought….your family is finally reunited but you HAVE to check your damn phone. People these days have no manners.

      • MHubach says:

        Maybe they're sending pictures to family, like, say, his Mom. Don't be so quick to assume and judge….

        • jshiver15 says:

          I was thinking she's possibly recording the event. But then again, how would I know? I guess I'm just trying to keep my faith in humanity.

  9. Jesus Christ says:

    It still shocks me how much hatred and racism exists within your society. We have groups such as the KKK who claim to follow my teachings, yet preach hatred and burn crosses. It would appear that they forgot the whole "created in his image" part. Oh and the one and only rule I really pushed, "Love each other as I have loved you." And don't even get me started on the WBC, They should be called the Westboro Bunch of C*%ts. Peace and love. That's all I ask.

    • TheVanityScore says:

      Jesus your a boss

    • Kyle429 says:

      How dare you try to act like you're Jesus Christ, Son of God, posting on an internet message board, and you put the C-word at the end of your post. If you truly wish people to try to believe that the real Jesus would use such language, you are sadly, sadly mistaken my friend. I started to upvote your post, then saw the C-word. How dare you be so hypocritical of a man who I believe in my heart to have died for my sins so that I could go to Heaven one day. If the real Jesus could be on a message board (which he doesn't have to be, because he can see your actions wherever you are and whenever you do them), he would not use that kind of language. I'll pray for you…

      • Jesus Christ says:

        Are you serious? You're taking what is clearly a satire and going nuts over it. Chill, besides that one word you agreed with the rest of my comments.

      • Mr. Grin says:

        Actually I believe if Jesus Christ was real and did all the things the bible claims he has done ( not religious but can respect a man who does good in the name of religion ), he would have spoken many curse words. The lord or not he had temper flares like anyone else, he cursed the way things were and fought hard to change the way things were towards a better future. He died fighting the good fight but the reason Christians can follow his teachings and his life with such vigor is because he was very similar to us. Please don't go against the love he preached just because someone portrays someone in a way you dislike. Anger is not a sin in itself but using that anger as a weapon is no way to go through life.

        • Kyle429 says:

          In the Bible, it says that Jesus is perfect, and sinless. Therefore he could not have said any curse words. He did curse some of the people of that time because of the way they lived, but not in the literal sense as though he actually cussed them out verbally. You are right that anger, when used as a weapon, is a bad thing. I did not intend to sound angry, I merely wanted to try to correct the person. If I sounded angry, I apologize.

      • Travis says:

        you are insane. You still believe in Santa and the easter bunny. Bringing god up in public is like playing with your cock. Its fine to do it in your home, but leave it there. Dont go masterbating in public. I dont want your filth. oh yeah. God cunt

  10. Just Saying says:

    Wasn't MLK all about Non-Violence? So why put up a bunch of military pictures in honor of MLK? Seems a little off to me. "hey let's celebrate Ghandi Day by having a shit load of pictures of people carrying guns!"

    • Kyle429 says:

      Maybe because this is on The Brigade, so they felt like posting military pics. If you don't like/agree with it, you don't have to look at it, y'know? The point of this post is he also preached about racial equality, and before his generation, black people in the military was completely unheard of, and sometimes mocked at. This post is just showing how far we've come as a nation, mostly due to the revolution that this man (MLK) helped bring about in America.

    • rmd says:

      Right because MLK loved war and the military!

  11. NAMTROK says:


  12. FAR says:

    I think it's awesome that we acknowledge a great man with a beautiful vision. But at the same time, I think it's funny that tomorrow, this site will go right back to posting pictures of half naked women and drunken people. Take a stand, chive.com. Either you are righteous, or you are not.

  13. Rusty Shackleford says:

    all i wanna know: what the F happened to the DMA…

  14. kevin says:

    that was intense, im very white

  15. Djyn says:

    We are all identical!

  16. Ash says:


    From a white brother:)

  17. chub says:

    worst picdump

  18. jason says:

    African American is a statement of geographic location, not race. Black is a race, white is a race. Where you were born is where you are from. Hyphenating American-isms is half the problem.

    • TMOTS says:

      Indeed! i AM NOT European-Canadian-American. I am an American. Period. And IF a color is required, then yes, a white American. But an American FIRST.


  19. Bill says:

    Don't know that you can really call that random. That said,

  20. Nate R. says:

    I've never made a distinction between white and non-white servicemembers, so it's odd to me to have an entire post dedicated to pointing out the service those who are not white. I've been in for ten years with four combat tours, and I've only noticed that we all bleed red.

  21. Delta Diver says:

    Hopefully, one day, we (and by we I mean all people) will be able to see each other as fellow humans. Not white, black, or asian etc… but as just one another trying to get thru this life and deal with the next day.

    Sure there are going to be idiots out there and sure they might be a different color but look closely enough and you will see that there are plenty of idiots in your own race. The fact that people hate other people just because of the color of their skin is the most stubborn idiotic thing that I can think of.

    Watch a bunch of kids who grow up without racism play together and you will understand. There is no need for it, ever.

  22. Mark says:

    Huh. Jeez. I just through it was a nice post, if not anything else, most of the pictures show races working together. Kind of uplifting. And of course, I think it is perfectly acceptable to show pictures of black Americans in light of it being MLK day, celebrating the progress we've made. Then I read some comments and we are back to reality. A lot of people suck, regardless of race, apparently.

  23. JHNWRL says:

    Brudas (an Sistas) In Arms !

  24. majorfathead says:

    Awesome post Thanks all!

  25. 502AIR says:

    wtf did mlk have to do with the military. other than he did not find the time to serve. but you damn well believe the military covered his ass.

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