Daily Afternoon Randomness for MLK (79 Photos)

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There’s a reason it’s one of the greatest speeches in America’s history
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  1. Jim says:

    Chive you are awesome, great post thanks

  2. Steve says:

    Image #3

    Isn't that a Canadian sailor lending assistance in Haiti after the earthquake?

  3. rmd says:

    Could the irony be any thicker? Why would you commemorate a peace activist with images playing to a military-aggrandizing culture he would lament?

  4. ignatz says:

    Wow. Just Wow.

  5. It's Me says:

    #66 Real mean shed tears. But only two.
    What an amazing photo though, so much emotion in one expression.

  6. Danielle says:

    #28 I remember going to the docks when my dad's sub came in from being out to sea. Watching as they pulled in, everyone in their dress whites standing on top of the sub. Running to him when he came off. Made me proud to be a Navy Brat!

  7. Canucks_Rule says:

    #2 #67 #68 – no words needed.

  8. Caleb says:

    MLK….society should be colorblind, everyone is equal…oh hey lets post an entire thread with only pictures of black people serving….on MLK day…a day commemorating a peace activist who associated with communists. Ohhhh the irony.

  9. BTDT says:

    you should show them where they are more typically found…the supply room, S1 shop, S4 shop, or on the FOB with a magazine stuck in a cute little pouch strapped around the butt-stock.

  10. Peter says:

    #33, definitely lesbians.

  11. smirk says:

    i personally hope that all the haters and biggots that shared their opinion here today are unable to produce offspring

  12. smirk says:

    I know, that makes me a biggot and a hater.
    Your argument is invalid

  13. jshiver15 says:

    Great post. As a white man, I'm proud of the progress that our country has made to ensure that every man, woman, and child gets a fair shake. It's not perfect . . but it's better than 50 years ago.

  14. Byron Hogans says:

    #9 This is a guy stationed here at Misawa AB, Japan. I know the man in this picture only in passing. The next time I see him i will be sure to tell him that he made the Chive….KCCO

  15. huh says:

    shame this post missed what equality is all about…

    …. lets post a bunch of photos of dark skinned soldiers… guess what ever makes you feel better I guess…

    Equality would have been much better represented – in demonstrating all different races working together in the most desperate of times.

  16. freddy boy says:

    Rick and Chive in general. Perhaps the memories of the horrible, violent race fights in the NCO clubs, on countless military bases, the threats from the Black Panthers to kill whitey and the jive parties where whities were excluded are still too fresh in my mind. Perhaps none of you actually served in the military and experienced the gang-like hatred coming from our black brethren. Perhaps next year we can anticipate a whole section on the Italian-Americans or the Polish Americans or the Irish-Americans or the Indian-Americans or the Latino-Americans. Until then, stop portraying ANY specific group as so damned saintly because no race is perfect. None.

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