1. Canucks_Rule says:

    #1 #27 – hello!!

  2. nomnomnom says:

    prob the best post EVER!!!!!!

  3. DannoTheManno88 says:

    But does it give you wings?

  4. chivester says:

    I'm feeling the energy in my loins

  5. Mr Ice-cream says:

    So #12, #18, #22, and #30 are intermission as well?

  6. lfsg says:

    everything is perfect with #9

  7. Anonymous says:

    Renaca. Vina del mar. Chile

  8. Nacho says:

    That's right, this is in Chile, in Reñaca beach in Viña del Mar. Some of the girls I can see are Jessica Alonso and Jhendelyn Nuñez. Thank me later😉 KCCO

  9. Tim Berland says:

    These are 2 completely different galeries. The ones on the beach are from 2 beach teams in Chile, and the indoor photos are unrelated to the other ones. The brunette #9 mentioned by many here is Mariana Marino. She is from Argentina, but currently working and living in Chile.

  10. Mike says:

    lfsg you're right!!!! #9 is ready to roll!!

  11. brew says:

    Who is #20?!! Same as #9?

  12. Steveo says:

    That was awesome!!

  13. kimoho says:

    I want #4, #5, & #18

  14. 14rmjr says:

    My Favorite from this set was #12:)

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