1. chivester says:

    #25 must be pre-implants…and here I thought they were real

  2. TheBAMFinater says:

    #7 may be as close to perfect as possible. Wow.

  3. 1iJack says:

    #39 is Chelbie Lynn. very nice

  4. jasonreiss says:

    and here I was going to say you could start and stop with #1…and you did, with #58. love me a girl with some freckles.

  5. FunKiller says:

    #13 You've won my heart…..damn she's sexy!

  6. TheFrontier says:

    #58 NO, YOU RELAX!

  7. DannoTheManno88 says:

    #35 I'm keeping this

  8. Macro says:

    #51 Man I want her so bad …

  9. Bilbo says:

    #27 and #31 please find!

  10. john m says:

    #1 #58 So nice you posted her twice! Excellent!

  11. Do0zer says:

    #29 Ironically, the size of the duck face is indirectly proportional to the to the size of the brain.

    ….but then my penis takes over and doesn't care.

  12. Matt says:

    Kristen #24 has always been beautiful !

  13. jwade502 says:

    #24 So classy!

  14. thatguy12 says:

    can you include names from now on. I would like to get right to masturbating and not have to waste time googleing

  15. Jonny Isles says:

    #7 Amazing!

  16. DMC says:

    Who is #27?

  17. ItsFriday says:

    #21 Lost girl. Please find and return to the Chive. Reward: Everyone wins.

  18. Lok_D says:

    #37 still hot. And apparently always cold.

  19. elder says:

    #29 Duck face sighted. Kill yourself.

  20. The Saint says:

    #51 S.J. is so gorgeous!!! I get lost in her eyes! Man, I would love some time with her!!!

  21. Hallows says:

    #1 #39 I'll take two of each please.

  22. Coldzilla says:

    I hear #34 gives good face

  23. Dan says:

    I like #7, #25, and #38 the most.

  24. dbcooper says:

    #7 Perfect!!!

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