1. Kodos says:


    TWICE as bad to the B-ONE!

  2. whyme1973 says:

    #29 You forgot your ears. Now how are you going to hear what #34 has to say to you when chatting them up at the club?

  3. […]… […]

  4. ethan says:

    #8 WTFR hell yea a great place

  5. swizz16 says:

    Go go power rangers!

  6. AnItalianChiver says:

    #7 prepare yourselves bitches… We are coming

  7. wow. says:

    #16. Man on the left. You are beautiful. Your friend is too, but you are gorgeous. email me? I promise I'm a real woman.

  8. Jezza67 says:

    #18 #23 Can anyone identify those weapons for me please?

    • m.uch says:

      Weapon on the ship as a pintle-mounted M240 general-purpose machinegun, and the smaller weapon is a MK18 kitted with the SOPMOD BLOCK II package

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