World’s fastest tracked vehicle: 0-60mph in around 4 seconds…this is the Ripsaw (37 Photos)

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  1. whyme1973 says:

    #8 This is the most badass thing I will see today. I need one of these.
    #10 #27 #36 Sexy distractions, thanks.

  2. Tiber_Septim says:

    #37 This was on a weapons show on future weapons show a few years ago as a prototype made in Maine

  3. J Krause says:

    Looks like a redesign of the Mark IV tank from 1916……

  4. thatguy188 says:


  5. Snoopyismyhero says:

    Friend of mine wrote the AI for that. It is one cool piece of hardware.

  6. Canucks_Rule says:

    #3 – that just looks mean.

  7. Ispeakchive says:

    Probably about a hundred dollars for one these huh?

  8. hmm says:

    there used to be a show on discovery called Howe & Howe tech that showed these things, among other cool shit that the Howe brothers built.

  9. thatguy says:

    Oh lord, I remember seeing this thing 3 years ago or so. Most badass tank ever, It's modular, has several options for firepower, and is supposed to come out as both manned an unmanned. It can hit a log at 60 mph, and all the suspension system does is form around it as it drives over. I hope they make a civilian model for off-roading

    • Rick says:

      I did a video on it about 3 years ago but I figured it would be a fun post in photos. hope ya saw some ok pics in the collection.

  10. Kiro says:

    And just how many billions did this little toy set us back?

  11. TomTheCameraGuy says:

    #11 Should I be saying RIP for these folks?

  12. crusher44x says:

    #17 It took me forever to realize that he was not sitting on air.

  13. curmudgeon says:

    finally, something to push that pos Ahnold off the highway!!

  14. AFCAJAX says:

    #27 Now this is 'Merica!!

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