User submit: Attack and Recon, “We own the night” (23 Photos)

10 0 0


  1. whyme1973 says:

    #17 #22 Naughty girls.

  2. BloodnSand says:

    you own nothing POG….

    • Josh says:

      POGS! I love pogs, I have slammers and lava tubes, all kinds of pogs! But I believe that the word you were looking for was "POGE". But hey, not everyone can score a 30 in the ASVAB like you😉

  3. BloodnSand says:

    HAHAHAHA…. your dumb…. and definitely a POG. I'd have loved to be a mechanic or whatever it is you do if I couldn't hang too. I bet you have a mustache too, and not the awesome kind either

  4. BloodnSand says:

    Please Jeffrey, Justin or Jessica, tell me AGAIN how to spell the term we use to describe girls like you…. It tickles me up every time…. Let me guess… "dude a rocket hit like 10m away from me" has come out of your mouth before, or some various version of that tale. Now go tell your whiny tale to some unsuspecting girl at the bar and tell her some ridiculous story You and I both know isn'tt true. I just hope there's a REAL SOLDIER around to hear it and beat your ass… And if said girl is looking for a real man, tell her I'll be at your Mom's house…. POG

  5. Josh says:

    Typical grut mentality, always assuming everyone is below you. You know nothing of what I saw or where I was. And frankly I don't care, I came home to my wife and children. You can take you piss poor attitude, continue to kick doors and bitch about how bad you have it, but you chose that shit. Reclass, learn a trade, and use your skills in the real world…

  6. BloodnSand says:

    I guess it is our choices, then, that make us who we are. My trade is one that is used in the real world… That Real World just isn't at KAF or on a flight line. And maybe someday I'll be able to make it home to my Wife, because we all have families to get back to brother. KCCO.

    • Josh says:

      Very true, we may be in different places, and wearing different patches, but we still wear the same flag on our right shoulder. Give 'em hell, I hope you make it back to yours, I know I missed mine. KCCO

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