User submit: Katie is a hot Texan with a gun (19 Photos)

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  1. scott says:

    That's my kinda girl talk about perfect haha

  2. Jake says:

    hot damn. wish there was real country girls like her in NOVA.

  3. whyme1973 says:

    #3 #7 #9 #17 #19 Damn! Thanks for sharing with us. Hope to see plenty more of you in the future!

  4. SheepDog says:

    Be load, be proud, we're in Texas baby….

  5. 5.0 says:

    Gorgeous & pure perfection. MOAR Hooter pics please.

  6. bomberblue says:

    Hey Katie. I know a thing or two about being a game warden so congratulations on your career choice! Really can't beat this kind of work. A bunch of us Canadian Chivers are game wardens up here and as much as we love to see Chivettes in their splendor please keep in mind that employers will look you up on the internet. Be careful with what you post! :)

    Canadian Game Warden

  7. tex says:

    Game Warden Calendar… id buy it as long as your the only one in it.

  8. dedubs says:

    #1 #12 Katie has a bit of a "chick lean" problem she should work on. Other than that she's about perfect

    • Hammer says:

      Somebody needs to teach her how to shoot. Her form is weak: leaning backwards, weight not forward and over her hips, pistol not up to eye level, weak grip, support hand "tea-cupping" the mag well instead of gripping the pistol…but yeah, she's cute.

  9. Gokage says:

    i r in ruv!

  10. Kim says:

    Katie, photo #1 and 17, good look, but where is that left hand at on that gun?! Girls have to represent and that is not holding a gun properly. KCCO!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I’m in.

  12. Prince says:

    She must be a terrible shot. She does the chick lean. It's almost a 45 degree lean backwards

    • Katie Schneider says:

      This is the last of me finishing off two full clips on an sr9, if you're not doing the "chick lean" after that..your a liar.
      I incinerated 25 bottles.

      • Ryan says:

        No ear protection?

      • Hammer says:

        Magazines, not "clips." Keep your weight forward centered over your hips, knees slightly bent, upper body leaning slightly forward. A 9mm shouldn't cause you to lean back like that, no matter how many bottles you just "incinerated"…although I think you mean "obliterated." Anyway, you have a problem with your form…instead of making excuses, correct it.

  13. Alabaster Shagnasty says:

    #12 She's cute, there's no doubt about that, but what is the point of this pic? She's obviously not shooting it, b/c her finger isn't anywhere near the trigger, and she's not even aiming b/c the caps are still on the scope. Plus, it's right outside the front door. #17…that's a good pic!

    • Katie Schneider says:

      The point of number 12: This was my 21st birthday present from my parents, a 308 win–ATR100 bolt action I was fitting the gun.(measuring the length between my elbow crease to the trigger)
      number 17:"the chick lean" this is the last of shooting 2 full clips of Gaurd dog hollow points, if your a grown man finishing two clips on a 9mil and you're not doing the "chick lean" I'd love to watch.

      • stalk2ulater says:

        why dont u have a facebook i need to stalk you and smell your hair and marry you

      • Alabaster Shagnasty says:

        ah…gotcha…makes sense now

      • JimmyB says:

        It could be due to the fact that your grip is wrong. You're teacupping the pistol. And yes, I can finish far more than 2 MAGAZINES (not clips) of 9mm out of my M&P and not be leaning.

      • Hammer says:

        You can come watch me anytime, I will be happy to teach you how to shoot properly. That's not a joke or me flirting…I do this for a living and you need some help with the fundamentals. I can run through hundreds of rounds doing live fire drills with a .40 and not once do the "chick lean." It's not recoil (which is minimal with a 9mm) it is lack of proper form. Stop being so defensive and fix it.

  14. Wayover Hishead III says:

    I think.. i think I love you

  15. its_BACON says:

    Be still ,my heart…

  16. SapdBlue says:

    That's a real Texas girl right there. There are few, but when they come like that they are perfect

  17. kimoho says:

    Damn u r sexy as hell, and the fact that u like guns is a plus.. u would probably out shoot all of the guys that is talking crap about the chick lean. Kcco sexy

  18. Joe says:

    Katie, awesome life choices for a hot Texan. Quick pro tip, 2 "clips", (magazines), or a hundred wont matter when you get it right. Check out some of the Team Glock girls on you tube for proper grip and stance. And if your boyfriend taught you like that, dump him and I will gladly volunteer to help out.

  19. Crashfistfite says:

    Shes a 20 YO, who wants to go into law enforcement. So heres a pic of her holding a beer.

  20. Jason says:

    Umm . . . who's your blonde friend?

  21. siersycat says:

    define marriage material: hot chick with a big gun

  22. Barny Rees-Jones says:

    Cracking album Katie, Perhaps a shoot will be called for if I make it down to Texas working with the petroleum industry!

  23. dros says:

    Scope caps are still on in No. 12,

  24. RollingDeathStar says:

    Gawd DAYUM she is gorgeous, I think I'm in love. Whats her twitter?!

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