1. whyme1973 says:

    #2 #4 #9 Pretty girl that looks like she likes to have fun. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. Hope to see more of you in the future.

  2. Quinn says:

    Way to rep the 406 !!

  3. dan says:

    Thank you for your service!

  4. Josie says:

    Lol, Opsec?

  5. Riss says:

    Quinn b? I'm guessing

  6. Zoo-MT says:

    Dear MT Chivette: Thanks for your service, and way to rep the 406 BIG TIME! I sense a ton of free drinks in your future the next time you make it to ZooTown…
    The entire male population of Missoula (and a bunch of the ladies too)

  7. James says:

    OPSEC? This album has absolutely nothing to do with opsec. She didnt do anything against any regulation. You, my friend, need to take yourself to opsec training.

  8. Jeremy says:

    I've noticed there aren't that many senior enlisted posting pics like this. Hmmmmm………makes you wonder. Really, the last one I can think of was that Air Force E5 a few years back that posed nude, and got booted.

    Gee, I wish I was a stupid Seaman Apprentice again, so I could go online and do stupid stuff that will haunt my future forever.

  9. M. Lewis says:

    Im not nude in any way possible or posting photos of myself in my uniform with skin showing. Before you talk about me you should get your facts straight.

    • ddr545 says:

      Still making girls in the Navy look like a bunch of attention whores. If you really need the attention that badly then keep the Navy out of it.

      • M. Lewis says:

        I don't know of you have noticed but there are many military girls on this website…and I'm not in any way disrespecting the navy and most of my military friends think this is awesome. Are you even in the military? And btw I'm not a SA….

      • CV63 says:

        You are probably a fat sea donkey ddr545! Her pictures are pretty modest and nothing over the top. I was in the Navy once myself and am not bothered at all in the what she has posted. Seems like a happy fun chick, and I wish I there were women half as attractive as she is when I served my days on ship. Just nothing but a bunch of nasty sea donkeys which is probably what you are.

    • Chris M. says:

      The complaints here just go in line with a General Trend in the military these days for people to be overly sensitive. She's showing no more skin than what you could expect to see in a Hanna Montana show, and the poses are in no way racy. Let the girl have some attention, and quit getting pissy because no one gives you any.

      (because of the General Trend) http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l83ldesv5A1qax5

  10. bz1 says:

    Great pics! Sweet lady! MOAR hump?! please!

  11. Jake Z says:

    wow! how long have you been in the navyy?? how do you feel about Devil dogs? ;D

  12. hannahs462 says:

    up to I saw the receipt which had said $9835, I have faith that my friend had been realie making money parttime at there labtop.. there dads buddy had bean doing this 4 only about 9 months and by now repaid the dept on their apartment and bourt a top of the range Ford. we looked here,
    JUMP30 ℂℴℳ

  13. Fin says:

    Looking good, Lewis!:)

  14. kimoho says:

    Moar gorgeous

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