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I know that it’s been lite week of post
reason being,
tomorrow is a huge day for theBrigade
around 11 or Noon -Central Time
depends on when John says “go”
usually he forgets to wear matching socks

anyways, it be a big day for the site

we are launching the first-ever Brigade T-shirt

if you guys get a chance,
please consider buying one

there will also be new, softer versions of the older Military KCCO shirts
also, there’s a cool PT belt shirt
and other Military shirts launching

however, for me and my ability to keep showing/telling others
you guys’ stories of serving

picking up an actual Brigade shirt will really help the site grow
a portion will also go to the “CreatiVets” charity
and I promise that the rest does not go into my pocket
…it goes to growing theBrigade

thanks you guys for coming to the site
if you can help me out tomorrow
it becomes a “I can’t thank you enough”

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