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Chive Charities is doing a post today for Tommy Kim. I hope you guys get a chance to see it today.

Tommy is the retired Army recipient who suffered a 30 foot fall from a cliff during his tour leaving him what they thought was paralyzed but turned out to be spinal cord shock. He miraculously recovered from that, learned how to walk again and retired from the army. Tommy then returned to school to work in anesthesiology. He was so good at his job that in November 2013 he was recruited by a hospital to Austin and quickly moved from Atlanta where his support system was. He moved to Austin, where he knew no one and then three months later was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 brain cancer. Amazingly he is a positive and energetic person who is fighting his hardest battle yet.
Tommy Kim is an upcoming Chive Charities recipient and as you will see he is a workout machine.
He is a big Chiver and part of our Chive Charities grant…and it was an honor for me to get to meet Mr. Kim.
Check out full story here

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